Microlearning: Bite Size Learning

Guest post by Deepon Mitra, Senior Instructional Designer, Peak Pacific
Attention spans are increasingly becoming inversely proportional to technological advancement. Research shows that attention loss had led to a digital skills gap that costs around $10 million in losses per 1,000 employees, in a country with a GDP similar to the US.

What the millennial workforce needs is a constantly evolving and a better, faster way to learn, train, and teach. This need is turning corporate training/learning inside out.

In today’s world, where companies need to constantly enhance productivity and efficiency to curb competition, the onus demands to be moved, from blandly “training” employees, to making sure that the workforce is equipped with knowledge critical to make businesses excel and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Traditional training methods – be it classroom or eLearning – have been providing lukewarm returns for years. This isn’t good enough anymore. According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, 49% of companies opine that their main employee challenge is ensuring what is taught is actually retained and applied on the job. Here is where microlearning comes in.

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Deepon Mitra
Senior Instructional Designer

Deepon joined Peak Pacific in 2017, as a Senior Instructional Designer responsible for developing learning solutions.
With a Master’s in Comparative Literature and a career spanning over 6 years, he has developed and spearheaded learning programs for some of the largest names in the Banking, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications, and Aviation sectors. He has delivered training and support for learning programs in various countries in South East Asia. He is passionate about Learning Experience (LX), Learning Systems, Content and Design, and is always on the lookout for next-generation learning solutions to excite the modern day learner into learning. After dark, Deepon can be found devouring books, movies and documentaries.