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The aviation industry is highly regulated, and compliance driven. Technology plays a crucial role in learning and training but needs to be verified at every stage. Building digital platforms to go paperless, monitoring crew performance using competency and evidence-based tools, use of mobile solutions, and AR/VR are all emerging trends that are being introduced with careful consideration and acceptance by airlines and regulators around the world.

Peak Pacific believes in creating objective-driven learning content experiences and solutions, using fit-for-purpose Learning and Technology-enabled platforms, and providing performance data to measure outcomes for a competent, effective workforce to operate in highly regulated industries.

With experienced, specialist teams, we understand training, learning, and personal development requirements from ground to air and can work in collaboration with our customers across the aviation sector to help develop overarching technology-enabled learning strategies, and tactically in developing learning content ready for deployment.

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Content Services

Platforms & Performance Monitoring

Resource Management


Helping organisations with change that is aligned to business goals.

Change management in an organisation can be a challenge. It typically involves people, systems, and processes. Change management projects are goal-driven with specific outcomes expected over a given period and require a champion who understands the clear project goals, expected management outcomes, and has great people skills.

As a leading transformational company in aviation, our consulting team from various domains can help organisations navigate any type of Learning or Learning technology-related change.

Peak Pacific has an experienced management team from the aviation industry and technology background. We understand the importance of change and business transformation to stay competitive. When change involves technology and people, you need to understand the impact from the outset and ensure the human side of change is not ignored.

No matter the size of the assignment, our consulting services can help with; Change Management, Training Needs Analysis, Curriculum Development, Content Design, Procedure Documentation, Learning Technology Selection and System/Data Migration.

Learning Strategy

With a seasoned management team that has extensive industry experience from ground to air, Peak Pacific understands what the airline department’s challenges are. The business of an airline is to fly passengers, ensuring their safety and comply with regulations. The challenges to managing aviation learning and training can be complex given the large portion of mobile workforce. Operational training requires qualified trainers, content may require regulatory approval, kept updated, and examinations to be conducted with security and compliance in mind.

Training is typically delivered via a range of modalities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, online, simulators, training devices, and on-the-job. Monitoring learning and performance is essential regardless of the delivery modality to ensure high standards are met.

With a large number of airline operational staff being mobile; the technology and platforms play a key role in supporting and monitoring the training, learning, and assessment that takes place every day and performance data collected and reviewed to ensure quality and more importantly safety requirements are always met.

Peak Pacific understands these requirements whether from an airline, regulatory or compliance perspective and has selected specific partner platforms or developed platforms to meet these requirements which are fit for purpose.

Subject Matter Experts

Great learning experience starts with relevant quality content that can tell an engaging story and learning can be remembered and effectively measured. That is why Peak Pacific has partnered with aviation subject matter experts to bring industry experience and relevance into learning solutions and platforms and provide our customers with a one-stop partnership for:

  • Aviation subject eBooks.
  • Off-the-shelf courses.
  • Bespoke training material.
  • Regulatory approval support.
  • Develop operational training manuals.
  • Assessment creation.

Learning Technology Support

With over 15 years of experience in supporting SMEs and large enterprises, our technology or change management consulting team can provide advice and guidance when selecting learning or training platforms, including; Learning Management Systems, Exam Systems, Training Management Systems or Authoring tools, including:

  • Developing requirements document
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Integration with other systems

Content Services

With extensive experience in organisational learning, our internal team together with external partners, we can create learning experiences for our customers through quality instructional design, development, and delivery platforms, whether that is for on-boarding, induction, refresher, leadership development, technical, soft-skills or product training.

Content Design/Development

Peak Pacific believes in the transformative power of learning. Our eLearning services are designed to inspire and equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s dynamic world. No matter which area of aviation your learners are from, be it operational, ground services, ground handling, support, leadership, or people development, we have the tools and expertise to elevate your learning experience.

As a leading eLearning company with domain expertise in aviation, we take the hassle out of understanding your world and focus on the solution.  Our team of SMEs, Instructional Designers and Visual Designers will work with you as a partner to understand the requirements and create a detailed plan journey to deliver and deployment of an effective solution.

Flight Crew

Type Rating, Technical, Initial, and Recurrent training programs to meet safety, regulatory and compliance needs.

> Innovative Support Apps

> Airline SOP and manuals
> Assessments

Cabin Crew

Service and Safety training, SEP, First Aid, DGR, FRMS, SMS, Human Trafficking Awareness eLearning for Initial and Recurrent training.

> Innovative Support Apps
> Interactive Virtual Environments
> Assessments


Knowledge Checks, Annual Technical type and recurrent Training subjects, Human Factors, SMS for Engineers, and Mechanics.

> Off-the-shelf courses
> Interactive Virtual Environments
> Assessments

Airports Staff

On-boarding, Recurrent training, annual knowledge checks, just-in-time training, and solutions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Topical self-learning support apps, Quizzes, Assessments


Ground Handling Staff

A range of subjects to assist airlines and Ground Handling Services providers; from on-boarding to Recurrent training, including localisation, and translations.

Topical self-learning support apps, Game-based learning, Assessments

Learning & Development

Our team can assist in identifying and creating learning and development strategies and provide the most appropriate solutions to create and deploy with ROI.

Micro-learning, infomercials, pre-joiner portals, Assessments

Bespoke Content

Our design team has extensive experience in designing customised content for global organisations. Understanding the audience, creating learner-centric style, based on the type of learning is key to keep users interested. Especially given the amount of learning that is pushed on users seems to be increasing every year.

Whether learning content is for knowledge or skills, for product or procedure, Initial, refresher or recurrent, we understand the domain and design innovative, impactful solutions for tomorrow’s workforce. 

Creating custom content allows for reusability if based on objectives, creates value through the longevity of the content, and saves costs.

Blended Learning Solutions

The mode of learning can vary based on business goals. Peak Pacific can assist in creating individual learning materials from; eBooks, eLearning, video-based learning, instructional videos, explainer videos/animations, infomercials, learning support apps, technical knowledge assessments, and quizzes, to create the right blended learning program for specific audiences, including personalised learning paths to ensure learners are given only the right amount of content to meet proficiency and maintain competency levels.

With our experience in the industry and expert teams, we can provide advice on the possible approaches to blended learning, content design, and assessments to meet required competencies or before the next phase of training takes place for skills assessment in simulators or other practical training.

During our engagement, we care about reusability at every level to ensure customers get value and projects are not treated as “single-use” investments but can be reused in whole or part in other programs within the organisation.

Instructor-Led Training

Many forms of training still require formal instructor-led training for Induction and practical training. Some face-to-face training is required due to regulations rules and evaluation processes. Peak Pacific can assist with creating ILT material for Instructors and the use of interactive off-the-shelf eLearning courses.


The use of eLearning has played a part in Peak Pacific’s core business and our management team has been one of the leading pioneers in taking aviation online and paperless since 2000, reducing training time, costs, standardisation, and increasing quality with anytime anywhere access.

Simulator Training

Pilot training is conducted in many forms from the time they join an airline. Knowledge and theory have to be learnt during ground school and then applied during the simulator training phase before you can take to the skies. Peak Pacific has developed a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform for conducting and monitoring Competency-Based Assessments & Evidence-Based Training.

On-The-Job Evaluation

Whether a pilot, cabin crew or engineer, regular on-the-job Training, Checks, Assessments and Evaluations form part of their aviation career. To regulatory and compliance requirements and ensure the safety of passengers. The use of the Peak Pacific platforms can support these needs and help customers go paperless.

Recurrent Training

Recurrent training plays a key part in aviation. For pilots and cabin crew, they return for training every 6 months or annually depending on the job. Peak Pacific has developed and implemented blended learning approaches and reduced training time and cost, enhanced quality, and scalability, and introduced standardisation and performance monitoring.


Assessment platforms play an essential role in managing examinations and learning. Not every LMS or Assessment platform can meet the tight global rules around pilots, cabin crew, or engineering examinations or annual knowledge checks, which must meet regulatory requirements. and compliance training and having the best-in-class technology platform to monitor and evaluate all forms of learning and training.

Aviation Content Library

Over the years Peak Pacific has developed airline off-the-shelf courses. These are generic subjects which start-up airlines, cargo airlines, ground handling services, logistics and other aviation-related companies will require but do not want to invest in creating bespoke content but need off-the-shelf content deployed using the Peak Pacific Academy portal.

Peak Pacific offers a range of courses that are designed by our in-house airline Subject Matter Experts and eLearning Consultants ensuring compliance with international and local regulations. The courses are self-paced, intuitive, and rich in audiovisuals, allowing learners to quickly absorb and retain the knowledge.

The courses are delivered through our easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS). It enables training departments to have easy administration, reporting, and tracking. And provides learners with ease to take the courses anywhere, anytime, complete assessments, and get certifications.

Platform & Performance Monitoring

The need for new and focused platforms for each industry is critical and that is why Peak Pacific embarked on several years of customer research and invested in developing one of the first Competency-based & Evidence-Based Training platform (CBTA/EBT) for airlines since 2014.

The ALTO Suite consists of several products. Each can work independently or together.  

Formally known as “CLEAR”, our gold award-winning CBTA/EBT application has been relaunched as  ALTO Suite, a leading-edge solution for aviation and other industries where Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude are measured during training of any type.

This SaaS-based platform can integrate with various systems to bring efficiencies and centralise information. These include HMRS, LMS, Exam System, Crew Licensing & Rostering, as well as most other applications, providing for two-way data communication, enables customers to take. The system is used to conduct many forms of assessments and capture comprehensive individual data for organisational monitoring of performance and identify risks to ensure safety is not compromised.

The modular nature of the ALTO Suite allows for modular deployment depending on your requirements and industry.

The current modules include:


Training Management System for License, qualification, certification management


Training Performance Management System module allows you to use the tool when assessing specific training which may take place as an on-the-job task, in a training device, flight simulator or aircraft using a specific Competency framework for Skills, Knowledge & Attitude.

Evidence Based Training

Evidence-based Training assessment. Use the tool to assess training based on observations and monitoring performance.

Resource Management

Resource, facility & training footprint management

License & Qualifications Tracking

Managing an individual’s licenses, qualifications and certifications and when integrated can manage all Learning and Examination data.

Reporting & Analytics

Extensive analytical data for on-demand reporting & quality decision making.

Digital Training Records

Our Digital Training Records system (DTR) allows you to easily upload your paper-based training records and certificates to a single centralised location. All future training records can be managed using our TMS, TPMS and DTR systems as an integrated solution, eliminating the need to use paper-based documentation.

An easy-to-use mobile app enables individuals to capture documents, such as licenses, and directly upload them to the Training Performance Management Platform (TPMS) and store them under their user profile.

As we move towards a digital world, the Digital Training Records module (DTR) will help to manage the hundreds if not thousands of paper-based records as an on-demand solution as well as managing all future records in a digital format. This allows for any single user’s training and performance data to be viewed from a single source and application and will meet the regulatory and compliance requirements. 

With the increasing focus the regulators put on auditing training records across industries, as well as the serious consequences for non-compliance, having a state-of-the-art centralised solution to meet airlines, regulators, and users this has to be a smart long-term investment.

Having great content is only one part of the total solution. You need to be able to deploy the solution using a Learning Management System (LMS) that is fit for purpose. There are hundreds of LMS platforms out there, positioned for various industries and audiences. Peak Pacific partnered with PeopleFluent for their wide range of platforms and LMS as a solution to deploy content given the importance of having a solution that can meet critical compliance needs.

With aviation being a high-consequence industry having a configurable LMS provides the depth and breadth of functionality to support the varied needs of your organization. Highly regulated industries have some of the most stringent training requirements and the PeopleFluent Learning platform allows you to deliver training, track certifications, and reduce regulatory risk.

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The importance of a robust Examination System, external to the LMS is sometimes critical for many highly regulated industries. The separation of the LMS and Exam System are typically regulator requirements to ensure a secure environment with specific functionality, workflows and security requirements are common requirements.

The Examination System includes a powerful exam engine module that allows you to evaluate training on multiple levels. Configure the exams to set who has access, how they are graded, and who can review the exam and when.

Peak Pacific is able consultancy services and provide detailed guidance when implanting an Examination System. This includes; considerations, migrations, workflow, certification and much more.

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In today’s volatile working world, one of the greatest challenges for businesses has been to find the right people for roles that need to be staffed. Those challenges are not going to get easier in the future as the supply of top talent shrinks and the war for talent increases. That top talent will also need great support to help them match to the right employers and job opportunities. Organizations and candidates both need an experienced and reliable partner to provide talent and opportunity.

With over 15 years of experience, Peak Pacific understands the benefits of providing specialist resources to augment organisations. We successfully created the concept of dedicated teams working alongside organisations to deliver total solutions which provide scalability, specialised skills, fixed cost, consulting, and subject matter experts, so that the organisation can focus on their business, and we can focus on all aspects of learning and technology solutions required to meet their business goals.

The model has been implemented with various companies since 2008 and include:

Dedicated Teams

A flexible model of onsite and offsite teams as required.

Flexible Resourcing

Remote resource working as an extended team member.

Project-Based Teams

Specific task-based work with specific goals and outcomes.

LMS Technical Support Teams

Providing LMS support based on fixed time allocated each month.