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Peak Pacific believes in strong and lasting partnerships.

We work with extraordinary organisations around the world and are very fortunate to have the following partners.

As a market leader in human resources solutions for the digital enterprise, PeopleFluent helps companies build and power a productive workforce. The company serves the global market, with specific capabilities for healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and retail. Its cloud-based software solutions adapt to complex and unique talent processes, while clarifying their strategic value. A part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), PeopleFluent works with large and multinational organizations across 214 countries and territories—including 80% of the Fortune 100.

Salient offers a full range of services to help airlines and pilot training organisations worldwide implement the concepts of Evidence-based Training within their operations. The Salient team is comprised of capable individuals with strong industry credentials in airline and regulatory authority management, training, human factors, safety investigations and data analyses. They share a common goal – to improve the quality of flight crew training worldwide and help customers harness the benefits of EBT programs for initial and recurrent training.

infoWERK is a global leader in multimedia-based content design and development, media technology and media design. The company offers modular and integrated solutions and appliances for vocational training and professionals. Its products and services are designed to help businesses apply knowledge and technology to accelerate productivity across the enterprise. These products range from eLearning training courseware, Learning Management System, Virtual Classroom Solution to audio-visual presentation systems.

Immerse is a British technology company providing industry with the platform and tools to create and distribute their own VR content and solutions. Immerse believes the future of VR lies in enabling people to collaborate in previously impossible ways, transforming the way we explore, interact and learn. Its mission is to bring this power to the business world via scalable, accessible and cost-effective technology.