Digital content services to support workforce
performance in a dynamic environment


The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) is on an unprecedented growth trajectory due its early and aggressive adoption of emerging technology to counter fintech and emerging new business models. This growth has come at the cost of (and will continue to be tempered by) the equally rapid rise of cyber security risks and emerging financial crimes. 

In such a complex operating environment where opportunities and threats are two sides of the coin, BFSI is one of the industries where there is an urgent need for training in creating customer experiences, governance, ethical selling, and applying digital skills to deliver a unified experience to consumers.

In the past 15 years, Peak Pacific has worked with clients in BFSI delivering a diverse range of learning content, team augmentation, and game-based learning. In addition to digital content, Peak Pacific has strong partnerships with VR platforms, LMS and Talent Management platforms built for compliance industries.

Our Experience

Learning Programs

Performance Support Apps

Training Management System

Learning Programs

Members of our management and design teams have extensive experience providing consultative design solutions to companies providing insurance, banking, financial and quality assurance services. Solutions have ranged from induction programs and selling skills training for insurance clients to complex game-based digital learning for call centre employees.

Our team has delivered a suite of e-learning programs to train the salesforce of a global leader in quality assurance services. The design solutions were Bloom Level 2 (Comprehension) modules and assessments related to quality assurance products and services and compliance requirements, and they served as the primary training material for the salesforce.

Designed and developed Bloom Level 3 (Application) digital learning program on the use of a framework to analyse the financial and managerial performance of a commercial lending bank. Our team also designed and delivered Level 3, game-based e-learning on Customer Experience platform training for a leading bank’s salesforce.

As part of business process transformation in a finance services major, created Learning Design for existing and new hire programmers in the company. The program was to align programmers to the platform and toolsets available within their instance so that they were prepared to create applications compliant to standards. The solution included structured ILT, repurposed e-learning refresher, and unstructured on-the-job-reference coaching material.

Designed and developed a series of Bloom Level 2 (Comprehension) and Level 3 (Application) digital learning content and paired assessment applications for a range of financial training modules for multiple clients on topics including Consumer Credit Act, Fraud Awareness, Complaints Management platform process, Insider Trading, ISO 14000, Ethical Investments, Six Sigma among others.

Designed a Bloom Level 2 (Comprehension) digital induction program with learning path and game-based assessments for a banking major on topics Balance Sheet Risk Management, Fundamentals of Finance, Project Financials, and Legal Compliance.

Performance Support Apps

Members of our management have designed performance support applications for global insurance and banking clients. The purpose of these apps were to provide on-the-job ready reference for process compliance, address customer queries, and also to collect field data for training requirements.

One of the solutions was created as part of a digital transformation initiative by an insurance major wherein a Process Compliance app was integrated with a digital Customer Information Form filled in by insurance sales agents on the field. The app provided real-time guidance and correction for incorrect or incomplete forms during the initial sales process. It was a role-based app which also enabled middle management and contract teams to monitor sales process.

A web-based Customer Survey application was designed for the corporate banking business line of a banking major to address real-time service lapses. The need for the app arose upon a review of training programs that were addressing selling process gaps that led to dip in revenues from mi-sized end-clients.

Training Management Systems

Irrespective of the emergence of new tools, processes and methodologies, one constant in the training space is the need for systems that manage, record and track data related to employee training.

Training Systems include:

  • Training Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Digital Training Records

Peak Pacific has 15 years of domain expertise in consulting, building, implementing and managing such systems. Peak Pacific’s ALTO suite of software modules includes Digital Training Records, Training Management, Grading System, Scheduling and Planning systems, among others. In addition, Peak Pacific is a global authorised reseller for the PeopleFluent suite of LMS and Performance and Talent Management platforms, as well as Immerse 3D and VR platform.