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Peak Pacific (UK) Ltd develops courseware for Royal Navy virtual training environment

The defence Peak Pacific (UK) Ltd, in partnership with project leader, SEA and DSAT Consultancy Ltd has delivered an innovative training system, enabling the Royal Navy to carry out its own common submarine External Communications System (cECS) training for the first time.

Peak Pacific (UK), part of the Peak Pacific group, developed DSAT conformant electronic classroom courseware and training media element of this project and commissioned the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) at the Royal Navy school.

Cost-effective & efficient training solutions for the defence industry

The defence market across the world faces challenges in increasing operational capability while reducing costs. With the burden of delivery spread across fewer, more-specialised people, the pressure on training — in terms of complexity and cost — is considerable.

Training transformation and continuous improvement is a constant cycle striving to increase speed to competency, deliver more for less, and at the same time improving quality and saving money. The pragmatic introduction of technology into the mix of blended learning solutions can help meet these objectives.

For many years, the Peak Pacific Defence team has been immersed in the design, development, delivery, and management of innovative and engaging learning content mapped against the transformation training agenda in land, sea, and air domains.

We will work with you at a strategic level in developing training plans, maturity paths, and learning strategies, as well as training needs analysis & audits, DSAT/JSP822 methods & media, benchmarking studies, and learning & development (L&D) research.

At a tactical level, we will develop technology enabled and blended learning material including eLearning, computer based training, mobile learning, courseware, computer aided instruction (CAI), and instructor led training (ILT).

Peak Pacific is a leader in the development of technical training applications using 3D interactive simulation technology for various subject matter areas.

Our technology and learning experts are well versed in the application of technology to improve the effectiveness and scalability of training delivery.

We adopt an open approach to the integration of virtual training systems, which allows us to be at the cutting edge of 3D simulation, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies.

Fully interactive 3D simulations for technical applications such as Virtual Task Trainers (VTT) and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) can be delivered to a large number of users across existing Learning Management System deployments, using WebGL and virtualisation technologies or via bespoke web applications.

Complex virtual training applications can be deployed to both mobile devices and web-based eLearning systems.

Virtual maintenance training is traditionally delivered within a classroom environment.

Peak Pacific is developing technologies that allow for the virtualisation of the Virtual Maintenance Training application itself, meaning that the training application is not tied to a physical location but can be streamed to users across a site or multiple geographic locations.

This approach also provides interoperability benefits as the virtualised application is not as dependent on the client side hardware or software standards.