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PeopleFluent LMS provides secure, flexible, and practical enterprise LMS solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, foster collaboration, and manage compliance for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.

What can an
LMS Do for me?

PeopleFluent LMS includes all the functionality you need to implement, manage, and execute enterprise learning programs. Whether you’re based in one location or have employees around the globe, PeopleFluent LMS supports over 40 languages, allowing you to reach learners in their preferred language.

PeopleFluent LMS has all the tools you need to manage personalized training programs, compliance initiatives, licensing and certification requirements, competencies, and collaborative learning, as well as external training for the extended enterprise. Quick to implement, reliable, robust, secure, and easy to use, PeopleFluent LMS enables organizations to transform the entire learning and development process.

PeopleFluent LMS is the only learning management vendor focused on delivering integrated solutions to global organizations in high-consequence industries where operational and compliance requirements are complex and critical to the continuity of business operations.

Why PeopleFluent LMS?

Quick To Implement – Lower Overall Costs

PeopleFluent LMS can be deployed faster and with fewer implementation services than almost any other learning system in the market. The difference: Deployment in weeks versus months.

Security – Best in Class

PeopleFluent LMS’s security is based on a transaction server model, where all Internet requests are treated as individually controllable and auditable transactions that must pass through a security module before being processed by back-end business components.

Secure SaaS – Suited to Your Deployment

Clients have the option to deploy PeopleFluent LMS on premise behind their firewall or choose a Secure SaaS model through our world-class ISO 27001-certified hosted and managed services.

Highly Scalable – Grow as You Grow

PeopleFluent LMS can scale to comfortably support your usage demands—delivering learning to global workforces with a half million total users. That means your business can expand without compromising on LMS functionality, performance, or infrastructure security.

Ease-of-Use – Only Adjustable Interface

Every LMS vendor claims this but often fails in delivery. The PeopleFluent LMS user interface is dynamically adjustable, as the screen is built at the outset, based on the customer’s organizational structure, preference settings, skin properties, language choice, and system configuration.

Truly Global – Multiple Language Handling

PeopleFluent LMS was designed from the ground up to be language neutral, hence it is able to support many languages simultaneously, selectable by the user at any time, on the same instance. Currently, over 40 languages are available, including right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, as well as non-Roman languages such as Greek, Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

Mobile, Social & Compliance

PeopleFluent LMS comes with inherent capabilities for mobile learning (including tablet-specific apps), social collaboration (including an integration with best-in-class Confluence Wiki), compliance (including support for 21 CFR Part 11), and extended enterprise management.

Open – The NetDimensions SDK

The PeopleFluent SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of development tools and interfaces that enables organizations to easily and securely integrate learning management functionality into websites, portals, external applications, and mobile devices.

Key Features

Learning Paths

Compliance Analysis

Secure SaaS LMS

Learning Paths

Build New Skills, Drive Your Career Development, Master Critical Competencies

Because learning is not a one-off event, creating a culture of continuous learning means letting employees know what they’re expected to learn and by when. PeopleFluent LMS gives learners a clear representation of their learning journey in the form of a visually-engaging, color-coded learning path.

Studies show that our brains are better equipped to remember and retain visuals, as opposed to words. That’s why PeopleFluent LMS uses simple but effective color-coded learning pathways.

What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a graphical representation of your learners’ training plans. In PeopleFluent LMS, learning paths show a graphical layout of a user’s training plans, courses, and learning objects.

The learning path allows learners to easily see which items/courses are Completed, In Progress, or Need Urgent Action.


  • At-a-glance visual learner journey increases motivation and engagement.
  • Configurable pathways – structures can be easily collapsed and expanded, and you can switch between vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Support for multiple assignments where employees work at several branches of the same organization.
  • Multi-language information – the course title and description are displayed in the users’ preferred language
  • Ability for LMS administrators to send learners course completion reminder emails straight from the system

Compliance Analysis

Real-Time Analysis of Training Records to Achieve Compliance

High-performing organizations know that without more context around the training they provide, employees might struggle to see the value of learning. If they can’t relate the training to their everyday work, learner engagement levels are likely to drop. But as organizations embrace the digital revolution and transform the way they work to keep up with the pace of technology, the ability to learn new skills becomes mission critical.

Additionally, in highly-regulated industries, non-compliance with regulations can have serious consequences. This includes fines, loss of operating license, reputational damage, legal risk, and even loss of life or injury. But how do you track compliance courses to make sure you’re meeting compliance targets?

Compliance Analysis Overview for Easy Reporting

Compliance Analysis performs a real-time analysis of training records to identify the degree to which selected learner groups or individuals are compliant, based on the specified courses they’re required to complete.

In PeopleFluent LMS, this is expressed as overall compliance and overall training progress percentages.

You can customize the compliance analysis settings in five steps:

  • Target participants
  • Target learning
  • Target transcripts
  • Criteria for compliance
  • Results filtering


  • At-a-glance overview to determine if compliance targets are being met
  • Quick and easy for LMS administrators to run reports
  • Drill down to location, department and even individual participant view
  • Identify individual learners who haven’t completed the courses and email them a reminder directly from the screen

SaaS Benefits

Predictable Total Cost of

PeopleFluent LMS provides flexible pricing to meet elasticity of demand so that clients can grow their business without compromising on functionality, performance or infrastructure security.

Rapid Deployment & Ease of

PeopleFluent LMS manages the system environment, security, and upgrades at no additional cost to the client. This, along with the speed of deployment, is one of the most attractive aspects of SaaS.

Global Accessibility

PeopleFluent LMS is available in over 40 languages for both the user and administrator interfaces. For each client, the solution can be localised at the company, organisation, group, or individual user level.

Rapid Innovation

Since every client is on the same code base, the latest version of the LMS, complete with the most recent feature set, is always available to all cloud-based LMS clients. An agile product development methodology with around two releases per year ensures that new innovations and features requested by clients are available in a release.

Software Validation for

The PeopleFluent LMS ‘Secure SaaS model’ is uniquely qualified to support software validation against regulatory requirements (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 or EU GMP Annex 11) down to individual client environments.

World-class Security &

With ISO 27001 certification, multiple data centers in key locations worldwide, client data compartmentalisation to address data privacy controls, transactional security, encrypted data backups, regular penetration testing, and a variety of other advanced security features.

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