Elevating Training & Performance
Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation.

Digital transformation is changing the way business gets done and, in some cases, creating entirely new classes of businesses adding value to every employee and customer learning and training interaction.

Companies are taking a step back and revisiting the platforms they use, including HRMS, LMS, Exams, Interviewing, onboarding, customer interaction, surveys, and a lot more, bringing increased speed, accessibility and effectiveness to enable better decision-making, game-changing efficiencies, and better employee and customer experience with more personalisation.

Peak Pacific has been investing in the development of a human performance assessment and management platform (ALTO Suite) for several years with inputs from industry leaders and individuals. The ALTO platform is a cloud-based platform with several generic and industry-specific modules related to capturing training performance data and monitoring organisational compliance, safety, and quality of training.

The ALTO Suite has been designed with a modular approach and scalability from the start.

Peak Pacific has been investing in the development of a human performance assessment and management platform (ALTO Suite) for several years with inputs from industry leaders and individuals. The ALTO platform is a cloud-based platform with several generic and industry-specific modules related to capturing training performance data and monitoring organisational compliance, safety, and quality of training.

The ALTO platform captures personalised performance data for each user and provides insights into each user against set competencies and behavioural indicators for Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude (SKA). The data is captured during actual training or real-time sessions as a trainer training or trainer examining individual or group.

Training performance assessments are measured against defined competencies, behaviour indicators and task-based ratings against company-expected training standards and benchmarks.

The results are captured immediately, and performance data is ready for use in reports or for analytics. This allows management to objectively look at an individual’s performance over time and compare it against the company’s benchmark, peer to peer, or peer to group, raising overall standards and safety.

Training Data Visualisation

Training Data Visualisation and getting information to the right people on time is critical for the regulatory industries. The ALTO Suite has a dedicated reporting module that provides users with default reports, as well as the ability to export data so that further analysis can be carried out by the customer, where this may include data from other sources as well to create more detailed insight into the results.

With comprehensive reporting Instructors can view their monthly training schedule, related documents, lesson plans, trainee history, grade assessments, and complete reports.

Product Highlights

Providing a seamless, integrated solution for training and performance monitoring


Cloud-based solution


Trainers / Trainees can access key modules online or offline


Modular and Scalable

Dashboards / Reporting

Comprehensive set of Dashboards & Reports


Integration with HRMS, LMS, Rostering Systems

Digital Wallet

Trainees can use the ALTO digital wallet to access the latest personal data, such as licenses and qualifications

ALTO – Modular & Scalable

Footprint Creator

The Footprint Creator is a critical module of the ALTO product. The Footprint Creator is a tool that allows the user to create their own training footprints. With the easy to use editing tool, users can create Nth level structures to organise training Footprints for each programme. Each programme is organised in a hierarchical structure form, showing the aircraft fleet, the footprints, Subject, Sessions as well as managing general Footprint information and specific rules that may apply, such as workflow and sign-off items.

Grading Options

When it comes to any form of assessment grading, there is never a one size fits all. Hence ALTO provides for flexible rating methods albeit 1-5, 1-3, True/False, as well are for those cases where you have an assessment which is incomplete or withdrawn from a session due to specific reasons. A key feature of the platform is that is scalable and new grading options can be included if required. The platform allows for setting company standards or benchmark for specific ratings expected for each competency or event that will be assessed. This can be use to measure the overall performance of group of users against the expected benchmark and further analyse the data where there is a shortfall in meeting the company benchmark figures.

Assessment Forms

Assessment forms are created based on the Training Footprints. Peak Pacific will offer a number of standard assessment forms as part of the product. With the form editing feature the user to create other derivatives of the assessment forms or request for new forms to be created where they are specific to the client. As part of the ALTO roadmap, we will be releasing a Form Editing tool making it easier and more flexible to create new forms by the user.

All forms can be used by the end user online or offline via the Android or iOS available APP.

Reporting / Analytics

ALTO comes with a range of standard reports. The data generated by the platform can be vast every month. Therefore as well as the primary data, we also back up the data at specific intervals as required by the client as well as export the data to the clients site based on the requirements, location, and frequency.

The platform allows for reporting on all data that has been captured during training sessions and reports can be produced at individual levels, trainer/instructor level, group level and also based on each event or competency level.

If required, the data can be exported for the client to use report/analytical tool if required.

Watch List

A unique feature of the ALTO product is the ability to capture training information as it happens. One of our goals based on client feedback has been to reduce or element human interactions when reporting on the results of the assessments between trainers/instructors and the operation admin teams. Thereby providing a level of real-time data to the training department as it happens or as the session if completed.

We can achieve real time data for training as long as it is conducted online. Otherwise, if training is conducting using the APP offline, then as soon as the trainer/instructor tablet device is connected to Wi-Fi and data is synchronised, the reports and watchlist data showing the training results will be visible to the training department. Hence trainer/instructor is not required to even inform the training admin team of the results.

Resource Management

The resource management module enables you to create any type of resource and allocate specific properties to it. This might be a physical classroom, exam room, simulator, training device, aircraft, or a person such as an instructor.

The resource management module provide specific utilisation data for each type of resource in terms of hours utilised, downtime, cost, etc.

Planner / Scheduler

The aim of the planning / scheduling module is to allow those clients which may want to use the platform without integrations and manage and schedule the training manually. This will allow them to assign trainees and trainers to classrooms, simulators, Exams, etc., based on specific rules.


Digital certificates can be created and assigned to training programs. As we develop this area future in 2024, we will be able to create and attached various certificates to training programs, which will be stored with the users profile, which can be printed when required. The certificate will contain specific security features to ensure authentication.

Digital Signature

ALTO has a number of ways trainers/instructors can sign-off an assessment to complete the workflow progress. This progress allows both the trainer and trainee to review the assessment conducted and sign it off.

A number of types of eSignature modes are available as well as authentication of digital signature via third party providers that are sometimes required by government agencies.

Mobile App

The mobile APP (Android & iOS) allows trainers/instructors to view their individual training calendar, which can be synced to a rostering system, in which case it would be updated every time the roster is updated and is used to know all the training events a trainer would be conducting, the location of the training, the trainee’s information as well as access to their past training history and the require assessment form to be used during the session. This has enable customers to make the transformational change from paper based to digital, saved on time, costs, immediate access to results, decision for any remedial action and overall provide the company with data to use for evaluating individual performance against the company benchmark and much more.


ALTO can be used to manage costs, whether that is for instructors, Trainers, simulators, classrooms, or any other items that are classified as a resource. These costs can be used for internal budgeting, forecasting, billing or invoicing.


These days the need for integrations is important to create smooth workflows and a single source of data truth. Peak Pacific understands this need, the considerations, and the importance of bi-directional integration, hence we have created data exchange tools to cater for various approaches and ease for our customers.

ALTO can integrate bi-directional with:

  • HRMS
  • LMS
  • Exam Systems
  • Rostering System
  • License System
  • SSO/AD integration
  • Third party digital signature platforms