Digital content services to support workforce development in
a dynamic environment

2024 will see the Transportation, Logistics and industries continue on the path of rapid transformation due to the mass integration of AI and ML into all aspects of operations. As a key player in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, there is an increased urgency to create new training content for procurement, operations, and front-end employees on emerging ways of working, sustainable processes and systems. Cybersecurity is a major concern for the industry and therefore a critical training need across the board.

As a domain expert in Aviation digital learning, Peak Pacific has considerable experience working with freight and cargo entities. Further, in the past 15 years, our management team has participated in collaborative discussions on evolving training needs with global transportation, logistics and supply chain organisations including ground handlers, airports, transport, and logistics companies.

Our Experience

Cybersecurity Training

Digital Content

Training Management

Cybersecurity Training

Peak Pacific has an efficient network of partners who specialise in Cybersecurity training and related digital training content.

Our partners, who are experts in a wide range of cybersecurity matters, deliver instructor-led awareness training on basic security and privacy, best practices on device and computer-based communications, and systems security training. Peak Pacific collaborates with its partners to create customised digital content on cybersecurity for companies that require custom-fit solutions, formulate robust policies on cybersecurity.

Digital Content

From digital training content on Dangerous Goods Regulations, and safety audit best practices, to animated driver training content and game-based performance apps, our team members have built various learning solutions for transportation and logistics clients. In addition, Peak Pacific has appreciable experience in building role-based digital content programs and deployment solutions for procurement departments. 

Peak Pacific has two decades of collective experience in designing content portals, digital simulations, and game-based content. Peak Pacific consultants are also adept at collaborating with industry domain experts to craft solutions that leverage AR/VR, 3D and web technologies to address on-the-job training support.

Training Management Systems

Irrespective of the emergence of new tools, processes, and methodologies, one constant in the training space is the need for systems that manage, record and track data related to training. 

Together with our partners, we can bring to our customers:

> Training Management Systems
> Learning Management Systems
> Performance Management Systems

> Talent Management Systems
> Digital Training Records
> VR Platforms

Peak Pacific has 15 years of domain expertise in consulting, building, implementing, and managing training systems, including Peak Pacific’s ALTO suite of software modules which include; Digital Training Records, Training Management, Grading/Assessment, Scheduling and Planning systems, among others.