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Flight Simulator Training: My wish list as Trainee, Instructor, and Designer

Guest post by Alain Heddebaut, Retired Captain and Flight Instructor Over the past few decades, enormous progress has been made in developing more and more advanced flight simulators. In parallel, training methodologies also evolved. Instructors are better trained and the training programs are better adapted to the operators’ environment. The result is that today flight […]

“You Can’t Just Throw Technology at a Training Problem – You Have to Have Curriculum, You Have to Have Instructional Design” – Chris Lehman

31 October 2017, EATS2017, Estrel Convention Centre, Berlin: He is the ‘Editor in Chief’ of Halldale Media’s iconic aviation industry magazines – Civil Aviation Training (CAT Magazine) and Military & Simulation Training (MS&T). Unassuming and rather publicity shy for a famous industry trade journalist, Christopher Lehman is a whole lot more than an aviation journalist. Epitomising the […]

Microlearning: Bite Size Learning

Guest post by Deepon Mitra, Senior Instructional Designer, Peak PacificAttention spans are increasingly becoming inversely proportional to technological advancement. Research shows that attention loss had led to a digital skills gap that costs around $10 million in losses per 1,000 employees, in a country with a GDP similar to the US. What the millennial workforce […]

Shining the Light on Human Trafficking

Guest post by Sherry Saehlenou, Principal, Avion Training LLC The previous post focused on the issue human trafficking and the need to shine a light on the global exploitation of human beings. Fortunately, there are many NGO workers, lawmakers, police officers, and concerned citizens who are committed to ending modern slavery. Many local, governmental, and national agencies […]

Are you aware of the modern-day slaves in our midst?

Guest post by Sherry Saehlenou, Principal, Avion Training LLC By now you may have heard of human trafficking (also called trafficking in persons) as it is coming to the forefront as one of the biggest human rights issues of our time. It is often referred to as modern-day slavery. Many agencies and organizations are starting […]