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The power of mobile learning apps

In today’s dynamic work landscape, where flexibility and adaptability are important, mobile learning apps have emerged as invaluable tools for empowering employees to take charge of their learning journeys. Peak Pacific has been a leading player to recognise the potential for over a decade and has introduced some of the most engaging app- based solutions for various industries as part of their continuous support aid future workforce learners.

Our mobile apps place the control firmly in the hands of the learners, allowing them to manage what, when, and how they engage with the learning content. Whether it’s for new joiners, a quick refresher during a commute, or a deep dive into complex topics during downtime. Our app solutions have been carefully designed and developed enabling learners to access material anytime, anywhere, whether online or offline.

We understand that engagement is crucial for effective learning, which is why our mobile learning apps are designed to deliver, targeted content. By incorporating elements of documents, video, 2D/3D content, quizzes, and more, we enhance engagement and enrich the learning experience to support learners, ultimately leading to improved knowledge retention and application.

At Peak Pacific, we believe that empowering employees with the tools they need to take ownership of their learning journey is essential for driving organisational success. With our mobile learning apps, you can empower your workforce to learn on their terms, anytime, anywhere, and unlock their full potential.

Our Experience

Cabin Service

Cabin Crew Getting familiar with service standards,
cabin interior and services offered onboard.

Digital Training Records

Giving crew access to their licenses, qualifications,
and training records at their fingertips.

Dangerous Goods (DGR)

Bringing nugget-based learning topics to users to keep
them up to date, without the need for an LMS.

Safety Emergency Procedure (SEP)

The SEP support app cabin crew access to learning support
material relating to cabin safety training.

First Aid

This First Aid app provides cabin crew with important information to access
anywhere/anytime post formal practical training.


Connecting you to your team and loved ones to ensures you are safe
when travelling for work or pleasure.

Why develop

Learning App Solutions ?

Fosters Empowerment

Empower your learners by fostering a sense of control and encouraging self-directed learning.

Provide learners with the freedom to always access relevant information, allowing them to learn on their terms.

Cater to the preferences and expectations of modern learners by aligning learning experiences with their individual preferences.

Our mobile learning apps are designed to appeal not only to millennials but also to the diverse profiles within your multi-generational workforce.

Keep learners engaged with timely notifications, facilitating a seamless learning experience that encourages ongoing development.

Usage of Mobile Learning Apps across Industries


Training and certification for pilots, cabin crew, maintenance technicians, and other personnel, offering access to regulatory requirements, safety protocols, and aircraft-specific training materials.


Training on vehicle maintenance, repair procedures, safety protocols, and new technologies for automotive technicians, dealership staff, and sales personnel.


Deliver compliance training, product knowledge, customer service skills, and sales training for employees in banking, financial services, and insurance companies.


Mobile learning apps offer training on military tactics, weapons systems, equipment operation, safety procedures, and mission-specific protocols for military personnel.


Training on medical procedures, patient care, compliance regulations, pharmaceutical products, and medical device operation for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical sales representatives.


Product knowledge, sales training, compliance training, and marketing materials for employees in the food and beverage industries, including sales representatives, distributors, and retail staff.


Training on maritime safety, navigation, vessel operations, cargo handling, and international maritime regulations for seafarers, ship crew, and port workers.


Training on product knowledge, customer service skills, sales techniques, inventory management, and retail operations for employees in retail and consumer goods industries.

Transportation & Logistics

Training on equipment operation, safety procedures, quality control, supply chain management, and lean manufacturing principles for employees in manufacturing and logistics industries.

Benefits of using learning apps :

  • Scalability
  • Include various media types
  • Easy to update
  • Push notification to users
  • Collect user data to improve learning experience
  • Can be simple to complex
  • Integrate user data with Learning / Training Management System
  • Include assessments, tests, or quizzes
  • Can be used online or offline

Case Studies

Safety Emergency Procedure Awareness

The Safety Emergency Procedure Awareness app provides the crew with support learning material to supplement their formal training.

Cabin Walkaround

The Cabin Walkthrough app enables the crew to familiarise themselves with the aircraft layout and the emergency equipment on board, as part of their formal annual refresher training.

Cabin Service

The Cabin Crew Service App enables crew to become familiar with the services offered during flight, including meal service, cabin layout, and knowledge check.

First Aid

The First Aid app enables cabin crew to have access to First Aid topics, which supplements their formal training. Topics include knowledge, procedures and assessments.