EXAMS – Assessing Knowledge in
High-Consequence Environments.

Peak Pacific offers the PeopleFluent Exam System as the go to platform for Exams to meet regulatory and compliance requirements for highly regulated industries. The PeopleFluent Exam system provides secure, flexible, and practical solutions for any size company or requirement.

PeopleFluent Exam system is a highly secure system and include feature for various workflows when setting up questions, exam pools, exam templates, reporting, marking, integration, security, and much more.

PeopleFluent Exam is a robust platform providing organisations with detailed analysis of exam results, questions pools, and trackable result trends for all industries, and especially for highly regulated and high-compliance industries.

Allow departments to create, manage, monitor, and deliver exam anytime, anywhere.

The Exam system doesn’t just stop with users completing exams but can link to learning material as a pre or post pre-requisite, issue certificate on passing or providing examiners with details reports on any failure and remedial follow-up path thereafter. The extensive reporting and audit ability has proven to be a powerful tool for organisation where internal and external audits are key for regulators or examination boards.

Create, manage, and deliver examinations while storing key information on each learner’s results and performance.

Tie employee exams to long-term development outcomes with skills-based & competency-based training.

Allow learners to see gaps in their knowledge and competencies and highlight related training to close such gaps.

Build exams and assessments to allow learners to prove their knowledge – and track results over time.

  • Manage system access with in-depth permissions based on admin, manager, and user roles
  • Customize the system interface to ensure brand consistency
  • Configure specific notification rules and triggers based on the timing and communications needs of your business
  • Built-in interface supports multiple languages
  • Deploy in the method that suits your business – either hosted or on-premise

A critical and serious part of learning is the assessment of what users have learned. Organizations often need a sophisticated, fully functional testing and exam solution.

PeopleFluent Exams is designed to cope with all levels and types of assessments :

  • Competency and Skills Tests
  • Regulatory Assessments
  • Certifications
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Quality Assessments
  • Quizzes, Surveys, and Questionnaires

Assess and Track Workforce Readiness

A robust, sophisticated exam authoring and delivery environment Available as a standalone license or as part of PeopleFluent Learning LMS license, developed to meet the demanding requirements of compliance assessments in high-stakes situations Sophisticated security and audit tracking features to ensure all certification and assessments are successfully conducted Extends the capability of ordinary online assessment authoring to accurately measure employee competency and to certify all necessary compliance requirements are met

Key Features

  • Role-based security to restrict access to assessments, assessment pools, questions, and question pools.
  • Create multiple assessments with templates based on question pools
  • Support both online and paper-based assessments
  • Automatic Exemption Policies feature to tailor training to each individual learner
  • Optimized for authoring, scheduling, delivering, tracking,
 and reporting different kinds of assessments
  • Sophisticated network location security and access code security with optional levels for workflow access during the exam management process
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
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