A technology that can make a difference
in Learning and Training

Peak Pacific believes in collaborating with the best industry technology partners to offer our customers solutions which are fit-for-purpose, can integrate with LMS platforms, provide valuable user experience and learning data, are scalable and the cost-benefit is recognised. 

We do this by searching for the best players in the market, experimenting, and then collaborating with leading technology partners that can complement each other.

The Immerse VR Platform is one such platform where innovation meets seamless learning and provides a revolutionary approach to corporate learning with a singular immersive learning app and open platform. 

Elevate your training initiatives, streamline your learning journey, and prove the impact of your training investments

One App for Limitless Learning
Unleash the power of one app for all your immersive learning needs. This end-to-end software solution transforms the learner experience, allowing employees to access diverse learning experiences seamlessly. No more navigating multiple platforms; the white-label app consolidates everything in one user-friendly space

Connecting Globally in VR

The Immerse Platform delivers immersive VR for multi-user meetings around content and experiences. This includes live voice, video conferencing, instant sharing of meeting space and model content.

Elevated Learning Experience

Immerse learners with unique gamification, surveys, and assessment tools. The no-code surveys and gamification features enable tailored experiences without the need for technical expertise. Watch engagement soar as your learners experience more in their educational journey

Unique Benefits of VR 


Immersive training places the learner inside a simulated environment that feels real.


The learner is represented by an avatar, allowing them to feel embodied and connected to the environment.​


Immersive training is based on the principles of learning by doing and reflection.​


Learners must navigate scenarios, make selections and complete tasks.​


Powerful opportunities to work together, complete joint tasks, build teamwork & foster communication.​

The content / Apps, cohorts & reporting 

The Immerse Platform provides consistent tracking across a range of levels – from completion statements to every user interaction – all centralised via our xAPI reporting engine.

User performance can be tracked at the app, cohort(s) and user level, providing complete and flexible reporting options.

A Unified Infrastructure for VR

Our open and agnostic infrastructure for VR ensures standardised distribution and data, easily integrating with your existing enterprise systems. Whether VR, AR, or 3D content, Immerse Platform’s range of tools consolidates all immersive content from various sources and vendors.

Measurable & significant outcomes 


of participants said it
would benefit their


information recall rates,
compared to 10% through
previous training. 


reduction in training


accident risk reduction for
commodities customer. 

Immerse Solutions examples include: 

Health & Safety Training

  • Train and fail safely in simulated VR environments.
  • Reduce huge costs and accident implications through VR training across high-risk situations.

Optimising the Performance
of Employees 

  • Recruit, engage and develop employees through fun & interactive VR programs.
  • Bring global workforces together through VR multi-user sessions.

Machinery & Maintenance Training 

  • Reduce accidents and damage plus allow improvement through consistent training and usage. 
  • Track and report on human errors in
a safe environment. 

Ready to Transform Your Learning Experience? 

Explore the future of corporate learning with Immerse Platform. Elevate your training, prove compliance, and witness the impact of immersive learning in your organisation.

Peak Pacific and Immerse – Where Innovation Meets Learning Excellence.