First Among Equals – CAT Awards 2018 Announced at WATS2018

April 17, 2018, Orlando, Florida, USA:

Every year in April, the Peak Pacific Group team joins hundreds of aviation industry training professionals in making the annual trip to Orlando, Florida, to attend the World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) organised by Halldale Group (publisher of the CAT Magazine). Like other exhibitors and speakers and delegates, we come to learn, share, and discuss technology and training matters with our peers from a range of different organisations across the world.

It is a great experience for young and experienced professionals involved with aviation training, and it is also a close knit (though ever expanding) community. And this morning, the community got together as one to applaud the achievements and contributions of three peers who won the CAT Awards for 2018: Dr Nicklas Dahlstrom (Human Factors Manager, Emirates Airlines), Mark Dransfield (Director Regulatory Affairs TRU Simulation) and Captain Chris Ranganathan (VP Operations Training, Etihad Airways).

It was a beautiful and efficient award ceremony conducted by Halldale Founder Andrew Smith and true to the spirit of aviation professionals, it was well characterised by the modest and brief acceptance speeches.

Congratulations to the award recepients and the industry at large.