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Kishor Mistry
Group CEO & Founder

Since 1983, Kishor has dedicated his time to help improve and innovate aviation training and the learning industry. He specialises in designing knowledge management processes and provide the vision for cutting-edge learning technology solutions. Over the years he’s had the privilege of working with great companies, people, and global leaders in various industries, including military aircraft and tank simulation, and commercial aviation customers from North America to Europe, Middle East and APAC.

In 2008, Kishor gave up the comfortable corporate life and decided it was time to make a real difference and formed the Peak Pacific Group, providing learning and technology solutions for the aerospace, financial services, healthcare, transportation, and logistics industries. He started the journey with 1 client and 10 colleagues. The rest is history, and you can read about how Peak Pacific became a global player, serving over 50+ clients, here on this website.