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Our Products

Peak Pacific is a global leader in providing transformational, technology-enabled learning solutions. We develop and implement cutting-edge technologies to support our holistic approach to learning. With these products, we innovate processes and systems in partnership with our customers and enable them to achieve their goals.

Competency-based Training Management System

Peak Pacific has developed a competency-led, evidence-based training management system that enables airlines to manage all their training needs from planning to operations and execution, while providing complete measurability of learners and instructors in compliance with regulatory requirements.


Welcome to the World of Extraordinary Learning Experience

Peak Pacific co-developed a library of aviation courses with Finnair Flight Academy, including courses for operational and regulatory training of flight, cabin, and ground crews, available as off-the-shelf online training products.


Best-of-breed Learning Solutions at the Heart of Talent Management

Peak Pacific offers PeopleFluent LMS for learning and compliance training management in highly regulated industries. PeopleFluent LMS provides secure, flexible, and practical enterprise LMS solutions to personalize learning, share knowledge, foster collaboration, and manage compliance for employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.


We specialise in the development and implementation of open source solutions, particularly, in customising Moodle and in its integration with other systems.

For customers who just need a platform to run their eLearning courses, we also provide a shared SaaS enterprise-grade learning solution.