Hong Kong and Helsinki,
Finnair Flight Academy (FFA) and the Peak Pacific Group today announced their new partnership to provide anytime anywhere e-Learning solutions for the global aerospace industry. The companies are expected to unveil their products at WATS 2013 in Orlando, Florida (April 16-18).

The partnership will leverage Peak Pacific’s aviation e-Learning expertise and FFA’s content expertise to provide courseware for flight crew and cabin crew audience. It will also combine FFA’s reach in Europe, Middle East, and Russia with Peak Pacific’s global market presence in APAC, Middle East, India, and North America.

Kishor Mistry, CEO of Peak Pacific, said, “The time is just right for this new venture. Peak Pacific is focused on designing cross-platform content solutions that are instructionally sound, aligned to international and local training regulations, and that can be deployed by airlines on desktops, laptops, and devices. FFA’s subject matter expertise and broader training experience will enable the partnership to provide true end-to-end solutions.”

Mikko Salminen, Managing Director of FFA, said: “The industry wide demand for more effective and efficient training solutions is fully supported by Peak Pacific and FFA’s combined capability to design and deploy aviation training solutions for the 21st century. FFA’s strong airline expertise and broad aviation training experience ensures that all current training requirements across the cockpit and cabin are covered in the new solution portfolio.

The partnership will see the companies collaborate to design, develop, and market e- Learning content products to the global market.

About Finnair Flight Academy

Finnair Flight Academy provides training solutions for pilots, cabin crew and technical staff. FFA has over 60 operator customers in more than 40 countries. The Academy is built around two core assets, our facilities and our people. The quality of our training services relies on the expertise of our people who bring together a rich variety of skills, experience and perspective. Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in airline operations and make Finnair Flight Academy a special place to achieve and maintain the required knowledge and skills in inspiring and motivating environment. Finnair has been a pioneer in e-Learning for more than 20 years and we put the learning in practice in both the cockpit and cabin environments. For more information, visit http://www.finnairflightacademy.com.

Media contact:
Olli Paasio

Head of Sales and Product Management

About Peak Pacific

Peak Pacific is a global leader in providing e-Learning consultancy, Learning Solutions, Managed Learning Services and Products to the aerospace industry. With offices in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, USA, and strategic alliances in Europe, APAC, and the USA, Peak Pacific has a global reach for its solutions and services.
Peak Pacific is an ISO 2008:9001 certified company with over 30 years of management and solution experience in the aviation, learning and development space consistently delivering high quality e-Learning products and solutions for customers globally. For more information, visit www.peakpacificgroup.com.

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Sanjay Mukherjee

General Manager
Email: sanjay.mukherjee@peakpacificgroup.com