Generic Training


Course Description:
Fatigue is a major concern for an airline as it can result in accidents. This course on Fatigue Risk Management makes the flying crew aware of the causes of fatigue, effects of fatigue on performance and reaction times. It helps the crew to understand strategies to combat fatigue and if they spot fatigue in colleagues or themselves then how to report it.

Topics Covered:

  • Course Objectives
  • Activity: Too Much to Do!
  • As Dangerous as Alcohol
  • Sleep Depreivation and Fatique
  • Other causes of Fatigue
  • Fatigue: A Serious Safety Hazard
  • Effects of Fatique on Performance
  • Strategies for Fatique Risk Management
  • Activity: Spotting Fatigue
  • Reporting Fatigue
  • Summary
  • Assessment
Target Audience Language Duration
Generic Training English 60 Minutes