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Service Agreement Management System

How our solution helped the client in enhancing the overall process of generating service agreements from start to finish, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The international agency delivers professional services with a focus on their clients’ companies and customers, including training in management, sales, and aftermarket solutions. Additionally, the agency offers the SAM (Service Agreement system), which facilitates their clients in attaining new levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and company liquidity.


The goal was to produce a system which can:
Simplify Administrative Processes:
Develop a system that enables easy administration of all business agreements, providing a centralized platform for streamlined management.

Enhance Customer Experience:
Implement an online service agreement calculator accessible for both new and used cars, empowering customers with convenient and accurate pricing information.

Improve Payment Convenience:
Integrate Nets Easy Payment card payment solution into customer billing processes, offering seamless and secure transactions to enhance overall satisfaction and convenience for clients.


With limited training resources and a diverse clientele scattered across Europe, our client needed to develop a service agreement system that can integrate with their customers’ platforms.

This system aims to enhance the overall process of generating service agreements from start to finish, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The Peak Pacific team conducted an in-depth analysis of the current procedures for executing service agreements and the client’s delivery systems for both new and used cars.
Following this analysis, Peak Pacific suggested the creation of a Service Agreement Management (SAM) system, seamlessly integrated with client’s customer platform. SAM places emphasis on customers, service agreements, and their management within the business framework.
This system actively participates in the entire lifecycle of the agreement, from its inception to its conclusion.


The SAM system facilitated our client in orchestrating service agreements for diverse car dealers, managing the entire process with improved communication. Through SAM, our client accomplishes the following benefits for their dealer networks:

Personalized setup:
Tailored solutions for everyone; one size fits nobody.

Accurate agreement calculations:
Ensuring precision in financial computations is crucial.

Online calculation tool:
Generate leads directly from your website.

Customer collection management Reminder procedures:
Established processes to facilitate timely payment collection.

Control and statistical analysis:
Effectively monitor and analyze data.

Professional customer support:
Dedicated assistance for clients and customers alike.

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