Inflight Sales App​​

How our app made client’s inflight sales convenient and efficient for passengers as well as cabin crew

One of the prominent airlines in the Asia Pacific region known for its excellent service and expansive network.


The project aimed to develop an interactive simulation-based training for an in-flight Sales application. The simulated training was supposed to train the cabin crew members for using the application’s user-friendly tools, manage transactions seamlessly and provide exceptional service to passengers while in the air.

Moreover, the application aimed to empower cabin crew members with user-friendly tools, allowing them to manage transactions seamlessly and provide exceptional service to passengers while in the air.


The challenge presented itself in two distinct ways:
Firstly, we needed to comprehend and replicate an application that we did not have direct access to. This required a thorough understanding of its functionality and user interface to effectively simulate its features.

Secondly, we had to adapt to ongoing changes in the application’s interface during the module development phase. As the system was still in flux and not yet finalized, we had to remain flexible and accommodate these evolving requirements while ensuring the stability and reliability of our own solution.


Successfully delivered a comprehensive web-based training (WBT) module to address client’s needs.
Collaborated closely with the client to collect detailed descriptions of application screens and in-flight sales procedures.
Key Features:

  • Interactive screens for hands-on experience.
  • Instructional videos for visual guidance on procedures.
  • Strategically placed questions at the end of each topic for effective knowledge retention.
  • Tailored solution to enhance cabin crew proficiency in executing inflight sales.
  • Demonstrated commitment to delivering a customized, user-friendly solution.


Through the implementation of this solution, we have provided the cabin crew with a versatile and immersive training platform, enriching their skills in conducting in-flight sales.
This method not only elevates the quality of learning but also fosters heightened efficiency and self-assurance among the users.

We offer simulation services providing practical environments for clients to apply their knowledge. Our expanded service portfolio creates fail-safe spaces mirroring foreseeable job experiences. We offer real-time feedback, evaluating actions as positive or negative, grounded in these principles:

  • Personalization: Tailored simulated environments match specific work climates, enhancing practical expertise.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Our approach offers prompt review and valuable feedback, distinct from traditional learning.
  • Delivery Model: Digital simulations target repeatable tasks, while in-person drills focus on crucial events.
  • Consistency: We guide clients to achieve consistent outcomes for effective training.