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SafeMark App

Developed by incorporating features like automated check-ins, danger alerts, and team tracking, SafeMark educates users on the importance of regular safety updates and equips them with the tools necessary to manage their safety proactively. This app is designed to give users and their loved one’s peace of mind, knowing that they can stay connected and informed about each other’s safety in real-time.


The goal of the SafeMark mobile app is to increase personal safety during travel by providing a seamless and reliable means of communication with designated contacts. The app aims to ensure that users can effortlessly share their safety status, precise location, and even audio recordings during emergencies.


Users, whether alone or with colleagues and friends, often face numerous challenges in maintaining personal safety. Some of these challenges are listed below:

1. Communication Gaps:
Ensuring timely and accurate updates to designated contacts about one’s safety status can be cumbersome, especially in unfamiliar environments.

2. Emergency Situations:
During emergencies, users may not be able to manually send their location or communicate their status effectively.

3. Regular Check-ins:
Remembering to consistently check in at regular intervals to assure loved ones of one’s safety can be difficult, especially during busy or stressful travel.

4. Team Coordination:
When travelling in groups, keeping track of each member’s safety status and location requires an efficient and reliable system.

5. Data Collection:
In dangerous situations, collecting and sending data such as audio recordings can be crucial for personal safety but challenging to accomplish manually.


The SafeMark mobile app addresses these challenges with a robust and user-friendly solution with a following feature:
1. Accurate Location Tracking:
At any given time, users can check-in through the app, which captures their precise location and automatically notifies designated contacts with a timestamp and status update.

2. Automated Danger Alerts:
If a user marks themselves as ‘In Danger’, the app automatically records audio, stores it in the Cloud, and sends it along with the user’s location to their contacts once the recording is complete.

3. Scheduled Check-ins:
SafeMark reminds users to check-in at set intervals, ensuring regular updates are sent to avoid concerns.

4. One-click Notifications:
With a single click, users can notify all their designated contacts about their safety status, making the process quick and efficient.

5. Team Tracking Feature:
When travelling with a group, the app allows users to view who has checked in, including the time and location of their last update, thereby enhancing team coordination and safety oversight.


The implementation of the SafeMark mobile app has led to significant improvements in personal safety and peace of mind for travellers:

1. Enhanced Safety Communication:
Users have experienced improved communication with their designated contacts, ensuring that their safety status is promptly and accurately shared.

2. Effective Emergency Response:
In emergencies, the automatic recording and sharing of audio, along with precise location details, have proven invaluable for users, providing critical information to their contacts.

3. Increased Check-in Advantage:
Regular reminders for check-ins have ensured that users consistently update their safety status.

4. Improved Team Safety Management:
Group travellers have benefited from the team tracking feature, which allows for better coordination and oversight of each member’s safety.