Legacy Content Conversion

Flash To HTML5 ​​Conversion

How we helped our client in transforming their Legacy content from Flash modules into HTML5 to maintain top-notch interactive learning experiences.

A top international aviation organization, wanted to transform its Legacy Flash-based training modules into HTML5 to maintain the delivery of top-notch interactive learning experiences.


The conversion of Legacy Flash- based training modules into HTML5 aimed to preserve the interactive learning experiences designed in Flash and wanted to leverage the flexibility and platform independence of HTML5 and other web technologies. The outcome was required to have the enhanced user interface which was mobile friendly and accessibility compliant.


Compatibility Issues:
Flash content was incompatible with modern browsers and devices, diminishing user experience.

Security Concerns:
Flash posed security vulnerabilities, raising concerns about data safety and system integrity across the work force.

Limited Mobile Accessibility:
Flash modules did not support mobile devices, hindering training delivery to a diverse, mobile workforce.

Outdated User Interface:
Flash-based modules had outdated interfaces that did not align with industry standards for interactive learning experiences.


The Peak Pacific team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing Flash modules to facilitate the seamless conversion to HTML5. The key steps in the solution included:

Content Analysis:

A comprehensive analysis of the existing Flash modules to identify content, interactivities, and multimedia elements that needed to be migrated.

HTML5 Development:

The development team employed HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to recreate the
interactive and multimedia elements, ensuring compatibility with all modern browsers and devices.

User Interface Enhancement:

The opportunity was taken to update the user interface, incorporating modern design principles for an enhanced and intuitive learning experience.

Quality Assurance:

Rigorous testing ensured seamless functionality across devices and browsers, delivering a consistent learning experience for the converted modules.


Through the implementation of new HTML5 training, our client realizes the following advantages:

Enhanced Accessibility:
HTML5 modules guarantee compatibility with all major browsers and devices, providing learners with flexibility to access training materials anytime, anywhere.

Improved Security:
The migration eradicates security vulnerabilities associated with Flash, ensuring the protection of sensitive training data and compliance with industry standards.

Mobile-Friendly Learning:
Learners now have the ability to access training content on their mobile devices, promoting on-the-go learning and increasing overall engagement.

Modern User Experience:
The updated user interface and interactive features result in a more engaging and enjoyable learning experience for aviation professionals.

Peak Pacific Group specializes in the transformation of legacy Flash-based content, e-learning courses, and games into HTML5 format. Our process involves a comprehensive analysis and dissection of your current content source records to identify key areas for transformation. Adhering to established industry best practices, we ensure the delivery of high-quality conversion services that yield rapid results, especially considering the imminent obsolescence of Flash.