License to Recruit

How our eLearning solution empowered an aviation giant in recruitment teams empowers participants to excel in talent acquisition and management.

A leading aviation giant takes great pride in being an employer of choice in their 250-plus locations across the globe. They do this by attracting, retaining, and training the right people. And then doing all they can to realise the potential of every individual.


The objective of the License to Recruit eLearning module is to equip both new and experienced recruitment teams with the knowledge and skills required for efficient and effective talent acquisition. This program will guide learners through the entire recruitment process, ensuring they can attract, assess, and hire top talent for Menzies Aviation.


The customer faced the challenge of ensuring consistency and effectiveness in recruitment practices across its global teams. With diverse recruitment needs and varying levels of expertise among
hiring managers and team leaders, there was a need to standardize training and equip personnel with the requisite skills to navigate the recruitment process efficiently.

Additionally, the organization aimed to optimize recruitment efforts by enhancing the quality of
candidate selection and improving the overall candidate experience.


The solution is a comprehensive License to Recruit eLearning module designed for both new hires and experienced recruiters. Utilizing instructional design principles, the module will incorporate a variety of learning methods, such as:

Explanatory Videos:
These videos provide clear and concise overviews of key concepts and processes.

Interactive Scenarios:
Learners are presented with realistic recruitment scenarios where they can apply their knowledge and make decisions.

Checklists & Job Aids:
These resources provide practical tools and guides to support learners during the recruitment process.

Knowledge Checks:
Quizzes and assessments ensure learners retain the critical information covered in the modules.

Personalized Learning Paths:
The program adapts based on the learner’s experience level, focusing on the most relevant information for either new hires or experienced recruiters.

By providing role-based learning experiences, the module caters to both new hires entering the recruitment process for the first time and experienced recruitment managers seeking to refine their skills. Furthermore, the modular structure of the training facilitates easy comprehension and assimilation of the content, ensuring maximum engagement and retention among learners.


By implementing the “License to Recruit” eLearning module, the expects to achieve several positive outcomes:

Standardized Recruitment Practices:
A consistent approach to recruitment across the organization will ensure a higher quality of hires.

Improved Candidate Selection:
Recruiters will gain the skills to effectively identify and assess top talent.

Enhanced Candidate Experience:
A streamlined, and efficient recruitment process will create a positive impression on candidates.

Increased Efficiency:
The program will equip teams to complete the recruitment process with greater speed and accuracy.

These improvements will ultimately contribute to Menzies Aviation’s ability to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce

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