Customised Learning

Introduction To Planning, Budget, And Evaluation​​

How our client enabled key learner groups to discharge their functions related to corporate planning, budgeting, and evaluation processes, more effectively.

The international health agency for the Americas collaborates with countries throughout the region to enhance and safeguard public health. Engaging in technical cooperation, it addresses communicable and noncommunicable diseases, strengthens health systems, and responds to emergencies and disasters accordingly.


The training program aims to train client’s personnel on basic concepts of Results-based Management (RBM) Framework, with specific focus on three of its components – Planning, Implementation and Performance monitoring and assessment (PMA) and Evaluation and Learning.


Routine reviews of performance on planning, budget, and evaluation processes and outputs and post action review of various RBM related processes indicated a lack of understanding about these processes among personnel.

Without a clear understanding of RBM concepts and how they are applied in the client’s organization, personnel were not able to fully own, embrace, and recognize the value of RBM and correctly applying relevant components in their work.


Peak Pacific collaborated with the client – an Americas based Health Organization for this project. Leveraging our expertise in e-learning solutions, the team interpreted and repurposed the existing training materials to create a simple yet effective e-learning that covers the:

  • Basics of results-based management (RBM) ​
  • Defines the client’s results chain ​
  • Describes how the responsibility for results is shared across PASB and its Member States​
  • Identifies the four core components of the RBM framework


‘The training enabled key learner groups to discharge their functions related to corporate planning, budgeting, and evaluation processes, more effectively.

Implemented successfully for audience in the Americas, this course now serves as a refresher for experienced staff to clarify basic concepts on RBM. For new staff and freshers, this course serves as an induction, being their first introduction to understanding how client organization implements RBM.

Peak Pacific transforms learning scenarios by offering Custom Learning Solutions that prioritize individualization and engagement. Through personalized learning journeys and adaptive paths, learners can access content anywhere, anytime, catering to the needs of modern, mobile workforces. Gamification elements enhance engagement, while seamless integration and scalability ensure compatibility with existing systems. Data-driven insights drive continuous improvement, solving the problem of outdated, one-size-fits-all training approaches and empowering organizations to achieve measurable outcomes.