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A Comprehensive C/EBT
Management System

Peak Pacific’s flagship product, clear — Competency Led Evidence Analysis Reporting — enables organisations to manage and evaluate the practical side of competency and evidence based training.

Based on a robust technology framework, clear allows customers to generate quality data and analyse it whether for simulator checks, classroom training, or line checks.

Developed over a number of years with input from major airlines and the wider pilot and training communities, clear has been selected by a number of customers due to its comprehensive framework, analytical capabilities, adaptability, scalability, and affordability.


This state-of-the-art, web-based application is easy-to-use, configurable by customers, reliable, and based on the latest web technologies.

With clear, customers can automate processes, create efficient workflows to manage training footprints, resources and facilities, provide timely reports or data that is meaningful and identifies gaps that will improve the quality of future training.