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Why Peak Pacific


Peak Pacific has a highly professional team and they always work to find the best solutions for their clients. We were pleased when the elearning tutorial was developed successfully and delivered within the agreed time, scope and quality. The end-products are of the highest quality, and we were very impressed by their professional customer service, dedication, responsiveness,  and transparency. Our feedbacks were always respected and responded to, and they even contributed their expertise with reference to the selection of the right training approach, the voice-over choices, etc. allowing us to obtain the best outcome with a reasonable cost.

Peak Pacific has been a key partner for learning services over the past 18 months or so, and has provided a level of guidance and confidence in terms of what is possible by implementing a blended learning solution using online learning and learning technology.

Malaysia Airlines has been looking for an EBT solution as part of our new strategy for pilot training. Peak Pacific is the right fit for us as they have systems built specifically for EBT. They also have a better understanding of our environment and training requirements.

Developing a full eLearning training programme (from the preparation of content until the roll out of on our platform) was a completely new adventure for me. I did not know anything about it, and I am SO grateful that we selected Peak Pacific for this adventure! This was indeed a complex project with several curricula, testing & certification, a significant number of hours and an exceptionally inclusive testing programme (150 testers worldwide and more than 1200 input).

The function of having verbal coaching and explanation for the module instead of a lot of reading is a great tool. It makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and less mundane as reading lots of text. Overall, this has been the best presented CBL I have participated in since joining CX.

Eva Air partnered with Peak Pacific and selected their CLEAR Suite. CLEAR includes a comprehensive and secure competency based assessment and grading system, with data collection and analysis tools.

The team quickly grasped all the aspects of the content, all the subtleties of the Organization’s terminology, the specificity of our Procurement processes and they applied carefully our corporate visual identity. I liked the creativity of their approach and their expertise in the field of training. This resulted in immediate and always accurate proposals in reply to my ideas and requests.

This partnership [Peak Pacific] allows us to forge a long term corporate learning strategy that addresses our needs to continuously drive innovation, encourage leadership and collaboration across our teams.

With Peak Pacific's global knowledge in the aviation Learning space and their expertise in the Learning Technologies, we are pleased to be working a partners and look forward to implementing a world class solution over the coming years.

Peak Pacific has been able to work in close partnership with our eLearning team, and they have been very flexible to adapt our technical requirements from day one. The weekly meeting has been key to the success of this project: all issues were discussed thoroughly and openly, and there has been no misunderstanding or confusion at any point… Which could have happened many times in such a big project!

Having evaluated a number of suppliers and solutions, we believe Peak Pacific is the right fit for us as they have the experience and understanding of how training is an integral part of our high standards for safety, quality, and compliance.

Peak Pacific has been a key partner for learning solutions since 2008, and has brought stability to our learning delivery processes, managed our learning environment and learning technology services.

Peak Pacific has been on my side all along the project during one full year, being supportive and greatly reactive in the numerous difficulties that we encountered due to internal complexities. I strongly recommend Peak Pacific as an actor of choice in the area of eLearning. More than a supplier, Peak Pacific is a partner and a real team player showing enthusiasm and dedication for the success of the project.

The [CLEAR] system is expandable and provides all the capabilities EVA Air requires as we continue to transfer all training programs to the CLEAR Suite, and for future growth.

Cebu Pacific Air is glad to be working with Peak Pacific to improve our training through the use of its expertise in eLearning and learning management systems.

Peak Pacific Limited was selected unanimously by the selection panel for this job. We find them to be a great partner in the development of elearning courses, and would not hesitate to engage with them again for our future training needs. I would recommend them to any organizations involved in the learning industry, and beyond!