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Docebo Pages

Limitless customization of your learner experience. No coding skills required.

Docebo Pages gives training managers the power to completely design their learners’ entire UI and learner experience, end to end in minutes, by creating pages using drag and drop widgets as building blocks, with no coding skills required.

Create any page for your learner experience by simply dragging and dropping widgets

Training managers with no LMS or coding experience can design and build the entire learning experience for different audiences resulting in increased learner engagement and performance. Design a platform that adapts to new audiences as learning projects evolve in the organization.

Control page and menu visibility for your unique audiences with different needs and learning styles

With Pages, you can assign a specific navigation path to each group of users that have different needs and learning styles, translating into an exceptional learning experience for any audience. Control the visibility of menus and pages by organizational chart nodes, cross-hierarchy groups and different user levels.

Adaptable widgets, templates

Docebo Pages offers a wide selection of widgets and page templates. These are the building blocks that your LMS admin can use to build any user facing page in the platform, in minutes. Widgets adapt content and appearance based on chosen size.

Preview the final result at the click of a button. Check. Go. Live

Design your pages without training or reading manuals. Insert a widget, arrange the page by dragging and dropping blocks, preview the result, make adjustments, confirm and save! Previews use sample data, so you can preview your new page look & feel with no need to have the entire platform already filled with actual learner data.

Limitless customization of your learner experience. No coding skills required.

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