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Enable Learning on the go with Docebo’s mobile app

Let your workforce learn what they want, when they want — at their own convenience

Offer your learners a continuous learning experience

Docebo’s new mobile app has been completely redesigned to create a frictionless, uninterrupted experience for your learners. Learners can even take training courses while offline, with progress automatically tracked and synced with their Docebo LMS when back online. Docebo’s mobile app is not limited to any plan type, and is accessible to all users.

Delegate administration,
while controlling content

Assign administrative rights to customers and partners so they can manage tasks (adding, removing users, assigning courses), while maintaining control over knowledge assets. AI automatically tags your content to reduce admin times and categorization, while deep global search makes it easy for learners to uncover content that’s of value to them.

Learn Anytime, Anywere. The Mobile App is optimized for iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

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