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E-Learning Content Marketplace

A two-faceted approach to top-shelf off-the-shelf e-learning content

Docebo’s e-learning Content Marketplace allows L&D administrators and their learners to access, browse and purchase business and professional courses from content providers within the Docebo e-learning platform.

Purchase and deliver high-quality e-learning content easier than ever before, amplify learner autonomy, reduce the time spent on administrative functions and improve speed-to-deployment of training materials

Docebo’s Content Marketplace debunks the capabilities of a standard e-learning platform, in which content is assigned on an admin-only basis.

L&D administrators can select courses relative to the organization’s needs and distribute them to learners by inserting them into courses and learning plans.

On the flip side, it encourages *learner autonomy by allowing learners to pick and choose e-learning materials that satisfy both personal and professional interests.

This integration comes at no additional cost to Docebo customers and their learners, who will only need to purchase or subscribe to courses and bundles within LinkedIn Learning, Lynda, OpenSesame and Skilla to enjoy their content.

Our Content Marketplace Content Partners

LinkedIn Learning

Access a catalogue of more than 12,000 best-in-class courses, with up to 40 new ones added every week. Encourage learner autonomy by allowing them to pick and choose courses relative to their needs and interests, which can be inserted into personal e-learning “playlists”. Administrators can also select learning materials and distribute them to their learners upon purchase of a LinkedIn subscription.


Lynda is an online e-learning content provider that offers thousands of on-demand video courses on topics for both learners and companies, with content that’s mostly focused on the business, technology, and creative sides of things. Learning Administrators can purchase a subscription, giving their learners access to learning materials within the Docebo Content Marketplace. Learners are able to choose their own courses based on their own interests or complete those assigned by their learning administrator.


OpenSesame is an online content provider that resells courses developed by third-party companies. With more than 20,000 on-demand courses from some of the world’s leading e-learning content publishers, OpenSesame allows administrators to select learning materials and distribute them to their learners within Docebo via the Content Marketplace, while learners can access learning materials via courses and learning plans assigned to them by their learning administrators. Topics include business skills, safety, compliance and more.


Skilla is a regional online content provider, offering thousands of video courses (mostly in Italian) on software, creative, and business skills. This modern course catalogue is made up of short videos or “content pills,” that encourages learners to choose courses that match personal and professional interests or access learning materials from a course catalogue and specific courses assigned by their learning administrator. From there, learners can organize their courses into personal playlists based on different topics.

Access more than 20,000 e-learning courses from the industry’s premier content providers

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