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Next-Generation Simulator Training Management System

With eTo, all the elements of training are represented as software objects. This opens up a world of possibilities for designing, deploying, and updating your simulator training programs. eTo has three components — eToManager, eToSessionRun, and eToCloud.

  • A library containing basic objects (aircraft types, failures, airports …)
  • Easy customisation of existing sessions by copy/paste
  • Support for multiple crew configurations
  • Support for multiple simulator versions
  • Support for customisable grading options
  • Collaborative work between company’s instructors and other external sources
  • Verification of legal or company requirements
  • Distribution of courses and sesson
  • Import of company staff lists
  • Statistical analysis of simulator run data (grading and debriefing items)
  • Automatic synchronisation of the courses and sessions via eToCloud
  • Detailed session briefing with exercises, references, and charts
  • Debriefing item available through the session to enter manual notes and perform immediate analysis
  • Session run timer giving extra time awareness
  • Trainee performance history
  • Grading pre-filled with relevant debriefing items
  • Upload grading and debriefing items to eToCloud for subsequent statistical analysis
  • eTo Manager enables instructors to create, distribute, and maintain simulator courses and sessions.
  • eTo SessionRun is a tablet application used by instructors and trainees to perform simulator training sessions.
  • eTo Cloud serves as the link between all the components (eTo Manager and eTo SessionRun) and users of the system.