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Peak Pacific Academy

Peak Pacific Academy aims to meet your recurrent training needs for pilots, cabin crew, and ground crew in a cost-effective and timely manner.

It offers a range of courses that are designed by in-house airline Subject Matter Experts and eLearning Consultants ensuring compliance with international and local training regulations. The courses are self-paced, intuitive, and rich in audio visuals, allowing learners to quickly absorb and retain the knowledge.

The courseware is delivered through our easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) compatible with most current operating systems and browsers used in Windows and Mac computers. It enables training departments to have easy administration, reporting, and tracking. And provides learners with ease to take the courses anywhere, anytime, complete assessments, and get certifications.

A Learning Portal Solution for Small Teams

Do you have a small team that needs to undergo regulatory compliance training but do not have the resources to run an enterprise-grade, LMS suitable for compliance training and assessments?

Peak Pacific Academy can help you and your team by providing a serviced, enterprise grade LMS portal.

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